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You frequently Ask - We frequently Answer!


Do you have a HICAPS for onsite Private health claiming?

Yes! Bring your Private Health Card - Just pay a gap! Eftpos or Cash


Do you BULK BILL eligible patients?

Yes! We bulk bill if you have a valid Enhanced Primary Care Referral

Ask your GP if you eligible for up to 5 free treatments a year


Is a Podiatrist a Doctor for feet?

Yes! - Podiatrists generally have a University degree - Bachelor of Science like a physiotherapist. But can use the title Dr.


Do I need a referral from my GP?

No! Its like a dentist or physiotherapist if you are paying privately. EPC Medicare patients need a Drs referral to be bulk billed


I have Diabetes. Should I see you?

Diabetics should have their feet nerves and blood supply to feet checked annually to stop problems before they develop


Should I go to a GP or Podiatrist for foot problems?

Podiatrists are specifically trained to recognise most conditions that affect feet. So should be your first person to see


Are you Medibank Members Choice Providers?

Yes! Which means cheaper prices, greater rebates and 15% off custom made orthotics


How do you look at SMELLY feet all day?

We have our noses cauterized at University before graduation and have no sense of smell. 

What on EARTH would make you become a Podiatrist?

The love of helping you when you are in pain is our greatest pleasure. 

Just as long as you don't ask us this question during the consultation.

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