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Podiatry Services

Orthotic Insoles
Assessment and Production of Custom Made
Corrective Orthotic Insoles

Off the Shelf Orthotics
Sale of Off the Shelf Orthotic Thongs
Visual Gait/Walking Assessments and Diagnosis

Regular Nail Care - Medical Pedicure - MediPedi
Nail cutting and shaping/filing, Ingrown Nail Removal, 
Thick Nails treatment, Nail Thinning, Fungal Infection Treatment
We Sterilise to Australian Surgical Standards

Regular Treatment of Hard Skin
Reduction and smoothing of Callous, Removal of Corns, 
Wart Freezing, Bacterial, Fungal Skin Infections
Strapping and Deflective Felt Padding applied to feet Post Treatment
Custom made Silicon Toe Separators
Sale of Silipos, Tubefoam and other hard skin alleviators 

Diabetic Patient Foot Assessment and Treatment
Neurological and Vascular Foot Assessment
Annual Reports to your GP about your diagnosis
Doppler Arterial Waveform Assessment and Reporting
Nail and Hard Skin Care
Eligible Diabetic Patient Bulk Billing
Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program Treatments

Foot and Ankle Pain
Heel Pain, Forefoot pain, Arch Pain, Ankle problems, Flat Feet, High Arches
Osteoarthritis, Bunions, Hammer Toes, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diagnostic X-ray and Ultrasound Referral
Footwear Assessment and Advice
Muscle Assessment, Stretching Regimes, 
Anti-Inflammatory Treatment and Advice 
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Direct Referral to Specialist Foot Surgeons

Sports Podiatry
Foot and Ankle Sports Injury Treatment, Strapping, Padding,
Footwear Advice Therapeutic Ultrasound
Visual Gait/Walking Assessments and Diagnosis
Shoe prescription and Referral 

Children's Foot Problems
Growing Problems, Activity related foot and ankle problems
Heel Pain, Achilles Pain, Flat Feet, Walking/Running Problems, 
Leg Pain, Ankle Pain, Warts, Ingrown Nails

Home Visits
For Patients unable to attend the Clinic 

DVA Gold Card Holders Treatment and Footwear Provider
Shoe prescription and Issuing through DVA
Custom Made Orthotics through DVA
General Foot Care
Medicare Bulk Billing - Enhanced Primary Care Referral Holders
Nail Care
Diabetic Asssessment
Neurovascular Asessment
Reporting to you GP
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